End Fed

End Fed Half Wave Antenna (EFH)


  • Great choice for “Grab and go!!”  
  • Ideal selection for single band operation!!
  • Fantastic Stealth  antenna.
  • Durable construction made to withstand the elements.
  • Practically Plug and Play!
  • Provides Superior performance in some of the most extreme conditions.

The RadioWavz End Fed Half Wave (EFH) antenna product line was originally designed to provide channelized operations for Government operations that require single band (frequency) functionality.

The application of the EFH (End Fed Half wave)antenna in the Amateur radio area is an optimum product for single band operation. With an external tuner out of designed frequency operation may be obtained.

The End Fed Half Wave antenna by RadioWavz functions similar to a standard Half Wave dipole. It exhibits similar receive and radiation patterns of the  half wave dipole antenna. The Radio Wavz End Fed Half wave antenna is ideally suited for operation where feeding a standard dipole antenna in the middle is impractical.

No tuner is generally required. In many cases the EFH (End Fed Half wave) fits in to a small pouch, making it extremely portable. The EFH antenna is made with extreme environments or conditions in mind. With its superior construction , the EFH will take a beating and keep on operating for years to come.

Radio Wavz offers the EFH antenna products for C.A.P., MARS, Public Service, and Government channelized versions. Just Give us a call or Email with your individual requirements.


40meter band


30meter  band


20meter band


17meter band


15meter band


12meter band


10meter band

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