Tactical Vest Antenna System


The RadioWavz MBITR Tactical Vest Antenna System (TVAS) is an antenna system designed to be worn by the U.S. military communicator. The TVAS is a body-worn SINCGARS antenna optimized  (30-88 MHz) for intra-squad communications with handheld radios. Antenna runs from a handheld radio in either chest pocket over the shoulder and threads into webbing on back of tactical vest. 4.1 oz

  • The U.S. Army user community reported that troupes equipped with the  TVAS have more effective communications than traditional whip antenna-equipped troops. 
  • The TVAS provides the operator an improvement in concealment of equipment and enhanced mobility.The MBITR VTAS provides enhanced tactical communication versus the standard rubber duck antenna, or the flat blade antenna.
  • Bottom Line SOF MBITR antenna consistently demonstrates superior operating characteristics, and durability in varying tactical communication environments

The RadioWavz MBITR TVAS is manufactured in the U.S.A  using a state-of-the-art thin flexible material that easily integrates into a tactical vest. The lightweight, Flexible installation provide the operator a tactical advantage over long whip antennas. SINCGARS communications link performance is maintained without hindering the user's vision or movement. While providing better tactical concealment.  Unsurpassed range and coverage performance makes this wearable antenna product the antenna of choice for SINCGARS VHF/UHF communications operators.

The standard TNC connector allows these antennas to easily connect to the PRC-152 and PRC-148 radios. Other connector configurations available on request.




    TX 1200m = L/C (could not test any further distance at this time)

    RX 3500m= L/C

    RX 5000m=static but readable


    480m = L/C

    500m = Static but readable


    500m = L/C

    650m = static but readable



SOF MBITR TVAS (back view) max range at least 3500m ; the further the radiating portion is away from the ballistic plate on the vest the better the TX&RX.


  • Operators who have tested this antenna state that it greatly enhances long range communications, 3 - 4 times of the whip and rubber duck.
  • “In Iraq I found the TVAS gave me 3 to 4 times the range of the whip and rubber duck antenna systems. “ Camp Liberty
  • “Great tactical advantage! Less stuff to get in my way!”


Frequency Coverage :  30 to 512 MHz

  • Mode :                       AM/FM Voice/Data
  • Efficiency:                   > 85%
  • Gain (max)                  3 dBi
  • Pattern:                       Near omni
  • Power :                      30 watts
  • Length:                       40 in.
  • Weight:                      10oz.
  • Connector:                 TNC  (BNC connector available upon request no extra charge.)(Special connector configurations  available upon request.)

The antenna is made  of UVPVC coated copper clad stranded steel. Antenna assembly can be totally submerged is water proof (accept connectors).


The Tactical Vest Antenna System is compatible with AN/PRC-148 (MBITR), AN/PRC-152 (FALCON III), and AN/PRC-153, as well as many other tactical handheld radios fielded by the U.S. Armed Forces.

 * AN/PRC-68[2]      * AN/PRC-117F[2]    * AN/PRC-77[2]

* AN/PRC-113[2]     * AN/PRC-137[2]      * AN/PRC-139[2]

* AN/PRC-152[2]     * AN/PRC-119[2]      * AN/VRC-12[2]

* AN/PSC-5[2]         * Motorola LST-5B/C[2]   * Motorola MX300 Series[2]

* Motorola Saber[2]  * Motorola XTS 3000[2]    * Motorola XTS 5000[2]

The TVAS operates in the 30-512 MHz bandwidth, weight less than 10 ounces, and is fully submersible.

Is a good replacement for:

  • NSN 5895-01-487-1135 Thales MBITR Whip Antennas
  • NSN 5985-01-464-1442 30-88 MHz 1 Meter Blade Antenna


Price :$95 USD

Volume and special pricing available upon request.

Price :$95 USD Buy Now

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