RW-N NVIS antenna System


The RadioWavz RW-N antenna is designed to provide high-angle radiation NVIS (near vertical incidence skywave) to permit short-range skywave propagation over communication circuits varying from 0 to 300 miles. The RW-N may be used with Base or tactical hf radios. The frequency range of the antenna is 2.0 to 30.0 MHz and maximum rf power capacity is 1000 watts pep, or average. It’s tactical and practical !!


Frequency Range : 2 to 30 MHz with antenna coupler

RF Power Capacity: 1000 Watts

Input Impedance: Compatible with SGC Smart Tuner/ Antenna Couplers

Radiation Pattern: Azimuth: omni directional Elevation: see radiation patterns below

Polarization Horizontal Configured with no vertical radiator. Vertical if used with Vertical radiator component.

VSWR: In accordance with SGC Antenna Couplers

Gain: See radiation patterns below


Temperature Operating: 40 to +55 C (40 to +131 F)

Storage: 60 to +70 C (76 to +158 F)

Wind 85 mph with no ice


RF Connector: Side feed with wing nut for direct connection to SGC Smart tuner products.

Radiator Construction: 14Ga. 19 strand copper clad steel UV insulated wire.


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